10 Best Ankle Support Braces in 2018

Sports is the field that demands a lot of passion and determination for one to reach the heights. Ankle injuries may be really a major setback in the career of any sportsman. The ankle injuries can be prevented by the best quality ankle support braces, which would help one to deal with the situation. Ankle support braces have become an unavoidable sports attire as there are so many cases of sports sprain, stiff muscles, abrasions, and muscle strain. They are very helpful in minimizing the risks of the injuries. It is a good decision to get hold of the best ankle braces for the finest results. Here are the details of the ankle braces that can be regarded as the best that any sportsman can consider in getting the most effective results. Know about the ankle braces which are the most selling in the market to find out the best ankle brace to choose from.

Types of Products

There are precisely three types of ankle braces:

Lace-ups, Hinged or Post Injury, Hinged-Cuff or Rigid


These braces are made of nylon-vinyl. These tightly laced up braces came into market in 1887. Though it might initially give you a feel of tightness, gradually you can feel the comfort due to the flexibility it offers.

Lace-up braces are not a favorites among the athletes since it has a tendency of restricting the motion.

Hinged or Post Injury

These braces are made of plastic which contributes to their durability. Hinged braces are preferred over the lace-ups because these provide a certain amount of relaxation to the ankle. You can easily jump around wearing this.

Hinged braces are mostly recommended to wear if you have met with an injury so as to avoid swelling of your ankle.

Hinged-Cuff or Rigid

The Hinged-Cuff braces came into market in the year 2000. The level of protection that this brace provides is much higher than the other two.

Not only does Hinged-Cuff allow you to play around without any restriction but it also gives you medical protection. When you wear it, you will basically have a plastic protection on either side of your ankle.

Best Brands For Ankle Braces

Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with the Ankle Brace Strap

Sleeve star has made a great foot sleeve. It helps in speeding up the ankle’s recovery from the injury and also prevents injuries. It helps in boosting the blood circulation and relieves pain around feet. The ultra comfort feature makes it suitable to be used anywhere like during sleep, work or running. It is not the bulky one.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle stabilizer is the best choice for most of the professional athletes. It is the unit that is recommended by the most athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons and also physical therapists all over the world. It is the sports attire that brings the finest blend of the ankle support, durability and comfort for the finest experience. The contoured tongue gives a great deal of comfort fit.

Bauerfeind CaligaLoc Ankle Brace

The Bauerfeind CaligaLoc Ankle Brace is very best for handling ankle injuries. It ensures much speedy recovery and allows to be free from drama

Donjoy Malleoforce Elastic Knitted Ankle Support

It is one of the versatile ankle supports available in the market. It is best for different types of indications and features the knit that is 3D anatomically contoured. It is elasticized and best to put on. It is the best for the ones who have very sensitive skin.

Dynamix 4-Way Compression Ankle Support

Dynamix 4-way Compression Ankle Support is the fibest quality orthopedic brace even though it is of low price.

Silipos Gel Malleolar Ankle Cushion Pad Sleeve

It includes two discs of gel that is moulded with each of the protruding ankle bones for protecting them against impact, friction and pressure. It provides gentle compression to ankle.

Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace

It provides effective protection for the ones who wishes to come back to sports and any physical activities after the injury.

Top 5 Ankle Braces to Use

Ankle braces need to be chosen with great care as it is one of the sports attire that is important to be used for protecting the ankles from any form of injuries. It is one of the highly recommended sports attire for sportspersons in any field. Find the 5 best ankle braces for any sportsmen.

  • ASO Ankle Stabilizer

It is one among the popular ankle supports used by trainers, physical therapists, and coaches. It provides the best fit and is also lightweight as it is made out of Cool Flex material. The customers have found this product really good and many have recommended this. There are people with polio too using this sports attire for the right balance. The material is lined inside the back of the boot and gives a lot of comfort to Achilles area. The polyester cotton laces are very strong and have the capability for resisting shrinking. This is the ankle brace which reduces the pain symptoms and also enhances joint function. It also gives a lot of flexibility to ankle joints. It is also the best sprain ankle brace in the market.


  • Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap

It is an ankle brace which helps in speeding up the recovery by providing a great amount of compression. It eases the pain from the Achilles heel, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and any other kind of discomfort to the foot. The strap available with the brace gives a lot of compressions and helps one in getting the support necessary for stabilizing any kind of injuries. It is also very effective in preventing new injuries. It comes with an adjustable strap that provides customized support and fit. This ankle brace offers great fit even when there is a lot of movement. Most of the customers have found this product very useful and capable of providing great comfort and offers a lot of adjustment. It is the best ankle brace for a sprain.


  • McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

It is the ankle brace that prevents or helps in recovering from any kind of common ankle sprains. It comes with a very supportive design that makes it very comfortable to use. It is the product that is very popular among the customers. Some of the customers have found this product very effective and useful even during the time of an injury. It helps in keeping the ankle in place thus allowing the injury to get healed effectively. Many customers have also mentioned the protection it offers for the ankles to be prevented from any injuries during very strenuous activities. Athletes have considered it a very good and convenient option to use.



  • Tandem Active Ankle T2 Brace

It is the best ankle brace for basketball, football or any other athletic activities as it provides a great level of protection and prevention from injuries. The ankle brace also offers support when one is involved in some activities. This is also an ankle brace that is suggested by Physical therapists and the trainers as it can help the athletes from recovering easily from the injuries that have incurred during any sport related events. There are people who use this ankle brace and play soon after an injury. Most of the customers have found this ankle brace very useful and have experienced the comfort and the flexibility it offers in performing well with it. It is also very useful for the elders for getting involved in activities with complete protection. It is a great buy.


  • Muller Flexible Ankle Stabilizer

This ankle stabilizer has mixed reviews and there are customers who have used this for a long time and felt it very effective. There are others who have found it not suitable for their use. The material used for the manufacture of this ankle stabilizer is really of great quality and highly durable. This product would be a great choice to make among the ankle braces.


The Next 5 Braces

  • Liomor Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace
  • Powerex Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve for Athletics
  • SENTEQ Compression Ankle Brace
  • Aircast Ankle Support Brace
  • Mueller Flexible Ankle Stabilizer

Buying Guide

An Ankle brace is indeed a very important sportswear. There are some major points that should be considered while buying the ankle braces which include the size, based on the frequency of usage, based on comfort and the level of protection needed. Explore the reviews of the customers before making the decision. Find most details needed for the purchase from here.

Here are some factors that should be considered while you choose the right ankle brace:

Purpose – This is one of the obvious reasons why you are looking to buy an ankle brace. While there are some in the market that are adjustable but uses a single strap, there are others that provide extra comfort using a double strap. There are also those that are fixed. Hence, depending upon whether you need it for your sports activities or to overcome your injury, you should make your decision.

Size– The size of the brace is another factor. Check whether your selected brand offers braces in multiple sizes or only fixed size.

Material – Your perfect brace should be made of a material that gives you comfort when wearing. Therefore you should go for something that is soft and long lasting

Protection – You are either looking forward to reduce your ankle sprain or avoid getting one. So you should opt for the one that can give you that extra bit of protection. This makes choosing the right ankle brace very important because if you are using the wrong one, that can negatively affect you.

Ratings – Check online ratings and reviews of users for the brands discussed in this article.

Price – Though most of the braces are almost evenly priced, depending on your purpose, you might want to go for the one that would save you a few bucks.


An ankle brace is a good investment that one should make by considering so many factors. It is always good to choose an ankle brace from the different options available in the market. Make sure that one spends enough time exploring on the best products, their features reviews. All these different aspects would give better clarity to a prospective customer for making the right choice. The product that is most useful depends on the need of the customer. It is the best to choose the safer, comfortable and the flexible option. The ankle brace should be providing one with a lot of protection from different injuries. The ankle braces should give sportsmen the strength and confidence to take part actively in their event.